All of our stock designs are imported from the USA and are fully licenced. We print
them onto high quality garments so that you will enjoy them for a long time.
Custom t-shirts are our main business, but we also do Sweat Shirts and Hoodies.
There are a number of categories: Cars,Bikes, Trucks and so on.
Payment is set up through a link to PAYPAL which is very secure and easy to use, but
please note that the postage is set up for the UK only. If ordering other than a
T-Shirt or you are not in the UK, then check out the prices in the 'PRICE' page. You
can then change the price to suit. Any problems, please contact us before ordering.
All these are available on White garments, but some are available on Black as well.
You can tell which using the design number. If it starts with a 'B', then it is suitable
for either. If not..only White. When ordering, in the comments box within PAYPAL,
please state the colour, where relevant, and the SIZE.

For men we have Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large, and for a
small charge, Extra Extra Extra Large.
For women either the same OR special shaped 'one size'.

Our newest line is our own unique designs using Dye Sublimation techniques.
These designs are only available on White T-Shirts.
Other Custom Designs are mainly lettering done using special fabric vinyls in a
multitude of colours. Examples can be found elsewhere in the site. These are not
restricted to White.

Have fun and we hope you enjoy the experience.

       Don Brittain