UPDATED 14.02.2014
Welcome to the new updated site.
Although we still have the HUGE range of imported T-Shirt designs,we are now
concentrating on our own CUSTOM designs. These are unique and only available from us.
These are mainly made using the Dye Sublimation process and the benefits are that the
design is printed 'INTO' the material and so there are no hard edges and the garment feels
as it did before the printing which makes it 'feel' nice. You can also iron directly onto it and
it doesn't burn or melt..
TRY THAT ON A TRANSFER! (Actually please don't as it will not be nice!)

Below are some of these new designs...Remember..we can print anything you can imagine
onto our T-Shirts, and using a different process, onto Sweat Shirts and Hoodies too
Don't hesitate to enquire.